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Eleson Asia Pacific Investment Company is a professional financial-oriented investment company established in Taiwan. We are an investment consultant who specializes in guiding companies to go public in the United States. We plan to develop capital structure planning, financial review, bank financing and assisting in corporate private equity and other activities. We are building a team of professional accountants, lawyers and banks to help guide startups to go public in advance. At the same time, we also do individual case investment risk analysis for retail investors.

Our Faith

Love the Land we Grow up –Taiwan.

Taiwan is the Land that nourishes us. As the largest exporter of high-tech electronic wafers, it has created many miracles. We want to protect this special place and contribute our efforts to this Land, so we cultivate Taiwan’s start-up companies and are devoted to helping them be seen on the global platform.

Earn money smart and reasonable

Because we have many years of background in the financial industry, we know the benefits of investing in the proper subject matter. We also believe that wisdom is more important than hard work in making money so that you can get the highest return on investment for every penny!

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