Eleson Team


Because of common financial background, we are a group of friends with strong connection, in addition to finding good project investment in Asia market, while helping the group of friends who want to start their own business to raise funds and connection.

Dr. Robert Peng

Founder and Chairman of Eleson


Master of Finance, Institute of Finance, National Taiwan University

2006 Ph.D. in Economics, School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics


1993 Manager of Qunyi Bonds Department

1996 Associate Director, Bond Department, Pacific Securities

1999 Deputy General Manager of Asian Securities and Bonds Department

2001 Fuding Investment Trust, Deputy General Manager of Bond Department

2002 Deputy General Manager of Leo Group Hotel fund raising and listing (counter) planning

2005 Xinchuan International Cultural Communication (Shanghai Beijing) Financial Consultant

2006 General Manager of Bulgari Asset Management Company

2007 General Manager of Taibang Holdings Financial Consultants (Samoa Taiwan)

2008 General Manager of Scott Wilson Reinsurance Company (New Business Unit)

Past contracted projects:

1. Underwriting of official shares (underwriting): Sinosteel underwriting a total of 40,000 official shares

2. Bond fund trading: Fuding Securities has traded a total of 40 billion

3. IPO listing co-organization: such as Southeast Cement, Dongyang Automobile, etc.

4. Cash capital increase: such as Dongyang Automobile, Shunde Industry, etc.

5. Public offering and establishment: co-organized the public offering and establishment of 11 privatized banks (Antai, Huaxin, Huatong, etc.)

6. Issuance of corporate bonds: Maosi 4 billion (2 billion guaranteed + 2 billion unsecured), other corporate bonds such as Jianguo Engineering, Century Iron and Steel, Santong Aerospace, Pacific Wire and Cable, etc.

Executive Consultant

President of Core-Spirit Co., Ltd
Vice President of Taiwan Recom Education
Chairman of Taiwan international Blockchain Strategy Association
Co-founder of Hojja pet food brand
Huijua Health Life Technology of Co., Ltd.

Strategy Consultant

Doc. of Business Administration of SUFE
Master of NTU IMBA
Chairman of Eagle_Eye Strategy Management Service
Vice President of 360d HR

Acquisition consultant

Master of accounting of SCU
accountant of Deloitte taiwan
FTS Deputy General Manager of Underwriting Department
General manager of First Commercial Bank
Professor of Accounting of SCU

Senior Consultant

University of Pennsylvania EMBA
National Taiwan University EMBA Accounting Department
Chairman of E-KINGDOM TECH CO., LTD.
Chairman of Sunbestbaby Ltd
Chairman of Kun Shan Future Industry Inc.


Master of Business Administration of NTU EMBA
CIO of D-Link Inc.
General Coordinator and CFO of COSCUP
Phoenix/HP Asset-sell deal, UnitedStack Z-Park incubation Cloud Project, D-Link Post-Merger IT restructure, ShipToTheMoon Corporate restructure, IOGYM(Kino Tech) Spin-Off

Senior Consultant

Master of NTPU
Vice President of AI fintech Association
Executive Director of Chairman of Taiwan international Blockchain Strategy Association
Specialty:Fintech, finance and manufacturing industry with AI practice application

Senior Consultant

Doc. of Business Administration of SUFE
Master of BD of NCKU
CFO of Marbal Captial
Security Future Analyst